Crowdfunding Bitcoin Startups
Prototype Today, Release Tomorrow, Make It Pretty Later

Chyden LLC has been running as an educational service since 2009, and we will continue to provide Business education as an integral part of our core mission of promoting economic and financial literacy worldwide. However, we are as much about doing business as we about teaching it. Beginning in early 2013, we are migrating our charitable activities to a new domain name, and focusing this one on crowdfunding Bitcoin startups.

Our first priority here is to be ready to take advantage of the JOBS Act of 2012 as soon as the SEC has released the final rules. The main thing is that if you are planning a startup venture that incorporates Bitcoin, perhaps we can be of assistance.

Invest accordingly.

Prof. Evans

in the meantime...

United States Small Business Administration
Introduction to Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs

This self-paced training exercise is an overview of crowdfunding. The
highlighted next steps at the conclusion of the program will help you
apply what you have learned and engage you in the process of
crowdfunding in the USA.

After you familiarize yourself with the crowdfunding process, wherever
you are in the world, when you are ready to begin raising investment
funds in the USA, Chyden LLC's pecuniologists can help:

  • Open a bank account.
  • Incorporate your business.
  • Develop your business plan.
  • Set up your accounting system.
The Big Book of Bitcoin

"Bitcoin is an electronic pseudo-anonymous decentralized crypto-currency.
There. That was a mouthful. But what does it actually mean?"
—Alvaro Feito

After you familiarize yourself with Bitcoin and you are ready to install
a wallet onto your computer, contact us!

CoinRegistrar Is in Beta!
Chyden LLC, 10 May 2013
"After months of planning, CoinRegistrar—the Bitcoin Address Registry of Trademarked Bitcoin Addresses, CoinMarks—has gone live.

CoinRegistrar is for the Bitcoin user who wants to establish the reputation of a Bitcoin Address as a permanent entity, like a trademark. Unlike anonymous or one-time Bitcoin Addresses used for privacy reasons, a CoinMark serves as a means for establishing one's brand and helping to ensure the integrity of one's Bitcoin Signature, especially when using it to sign contracts."


Bitcoin: This Decade's Gold Rush
Prof. Evans, 19 March 2013
"Approximately once per decade, the market experiences a Gold Rush, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that, once missed, is gone forever... Bitcoin appears to be such a Gold Rush, especially now that it has received the regulatory green light in the USA."
Pecuniology Blog

Bitcoin Primer: What You Need to Know About the New Virtual Currency
Sarah E. Needleman and Spencer E. Ante, 8 May 2013
"Bitcoin startups are beginning to raise sizable investment capital even as industry leaders warn that hackers are abusing the Internet virtual currency for profit. Supporters of Bitcoin say it offers anonymity and a cheap way to transact business across borders. But critics say Bitcoin faces so many regulatory and technical hurdles it will never mature into a mainstream currency. Here's what you need to know"
Wall Street Journal

Bitcoin Talk
Discussion Board